About G.U.T.S.

Founded in 2009, G.U.T.S. Coaching is the only coaching company in the Front Range solely devoted to training the mental side of performance. The way we think, how we deal with stressors and our ability to perform under pressure is key for success in life and in sports! When the heat of competition is turned up, typically the performer falls apart because of mental factors like runaway nerves, intimidation, poor concentration, negativity, or self-doubt.  If you are only training physically, you will only achieve half of the results you are truly capable of.

Ashley_Corn_Headshot_bigAshley Corn is the Owner and Lead Consultant of G.U.T.S. Coaching. She has her Master’s degree from the University of Denver Sport & Performance Psychology Program and she is a Certified Consultant with the Association for Applied Sport Psychology. She became interested in sports psychology through her personal experiences as a Division 1 college athlete. As an accomplished distance runner, she knows the impact the mind has on performing and she truly believes in the benefit of mental training. She loves working with other athletes and high performing individuals to help them break through mental barriers and achieve their goals.

Ashley is also a Performance Expert with the U.S. Army’s Comprehensive Soldier Fitness Performance Enhancement Program (CSF2) and a Primary Instructor for the University of Pennsylvania’s Master Resilience Trainer Course. In addition, Ashley is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Denver’s Graduate School of Professional Psychology where she developed the curriculum and teaches the course, The Psychology of High Risk Occupations.