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High School Sport Psychology

High school sports are already gearing up for the Fall season. Make sure that you and your team are mentally tough this year! G.U.T.S. offers a variety of workshops and clinics that will help you train your brain alongside your body.

  • Team Building Activities
  • Team Goal Setting Workshops
  • Sport Psychology Clinics (mental toughness, focus, composure, motivation, energy mgmt, imagery, performing under pressure, facing fears, pre-game prep)
  • Mental X-Fit Courses
  • Full Season Performance Packages
  • Sport Psychology Coaches Clinics


Our late summer and fall schedule is already filling up, so Contact Us today to get your workshop or clinic on the calendar!

Volunteers Needed!

The Rock & Roll Denver Marathon Psych Team

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Who We Are:

We are a volunteer team of experienced sport psychology professionals and advanced graduate students in the field that will be partnering with the marathon medical support team to assist runners before the marathon, during the race (“Psychs on Bikes” & “Psychs on the Run”), as well as via a post-race debriefing.

What We Can Do:

We assist runners in becoming mentally prepared to run the best race for which they are physically capable. We accomplish this by providing quick mental skills tips and interventions on scenarios such as:

  • The first time marathoner with pre-race jitters
  • The runner who has doubts about their ability to reach their goal
  • The runner who is looking for strategies to push past “the wall”
  • The runner interested in where to direct their focus throughout the race
  • The runner who wants help calming their nerves
  • The runner who wants to get the most out of their race
  • The runner who is struggling on the course
  • The runner who hit their goal, but has no one at the finish line to celebrate with them
  • The runner who is dealing with the disappointment of not reaching their goal or an injury

Your Commitment:

  • No running experience necessary
  • Attend the volunteer train-up on Friday Oct. 17th from 9:00 AM- 1:00 PM
  • Work at least one shift at the marathon expo on Friday Oct 17 or Saturday Oct 18
  • Provide support on the course as either a “Psych on Bike,” “Psych on the Run” or at one of the medical stations on Sunday Oct. 19th

Contact Us for more details or to join our team!!

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